TV Shows | 9.28.2017

Will and Grace (1998) – Season 1, Ep 1 – Lindt-Stymeist Linen and Sand

Will and Grace  | Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot

The reboot of Will and Grace is an iconic delight for us 90s fans. We can all remember the first time Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen danced into our lives. The year was 1998. Nuclear tests were being conducted by India and Pakistan. Bill Clinton was enmeshed in the Lewinsky scandal. Gay marriage was not legal. Hearts went […]

TV Shows | 6.1.2017

The Odd Couple – Season 3, Ep 9 – Threshold Barnet Bronze

The Odd Couple  | Season 3, Episode 9 - My Best Friend's Girl

In this Episode, Emily thinks she has finally gotten her big break. A buyer from Macy’s was at one of her tables, and ordered 100 of Emily’s handmade beaded necklaces for a big event the coming weekend. (The necklaces are HIDEOUS, so the necklaces must be some sort of gag gift, but that is neither […]

TV Shows | 3.21.2017

Black-ish – Season 3, Ep 14 – Better Homes and Gardens Embossed Scroll Mug

Black-ish  | Season 3, Episode 14 - The Name Game

Rainbow and Andre are expecting their fifth (FIFTH!!) child. And, as is somehow now tradition in America, they are planning the Gender Reveal Party. The day after ordering the cake, Rainbow is sitting in the kitchen looking rather smug. She tells Dre that she had “the baby dream” last night – a dream that she […]

TV Shows | 3.20.2017

Fresh Off the Boat – Season 3, Ep 15 – Mikasa Garden Harvest

Fresh Off the Boat  | Season 3, Episode 15 - Living While Eddie

This post should probably be called the eating crow post, but for now, it will remain Fresh Off the Boat – Season 3, Ep 15 – Mikasa Garden Harvest. In the previous post about Fresh Off the Boat, it was pointed out that the set designers were using modern dishes instead of what would be […]

TV Shows | 3.16.2017

Fresh Off the Boat – Season 3, Ep 14 – Home American Simplicity Floral and Threshold Wellsbridge Aqua

Fresh Off the Boat  | Season 3, Episode 14 - The Gloves Are Off

This post is going to be a two-in-one, since both of these patterns have already been extensively discussed on this site. In this episode, Jessica tries to solve Honey’s problems with Martin’s first wife, Sarah. However, Honey was just looking to vent. ‘Venting’ is a term that Jessica failed to understand. And Jessica, being the […]

TV Shows | 1.10.2017

American Housewife- Season 1, Episode 4- Sango Chromatics Brown Mug

American Housewife  | Season 1, Episode 4

There is always a spectacle to be seen (and heard) within the chaotic Otto household, and this specific scene is no different. While Katy and Angela (played by Broadway star Carly Hughes), discuss “Fat Lives Matter” and whether or not Katy can sue the city of Westport for not carrying her clothing size, Doris (played […]

TV Shows | 12.7.2016

Gilmore Girls- Season 2, Episode 17- Lenox Butler’s Pantry

Gilmore Girls  | Season 2, Episode 17

Emily’s DAR (Daughters of the American Republic) meeting is going to be held at the Independence Inn and she is making sure everything is obsessively perfect, by tasting eight different soup three times each. She tells a horrified Lorelai, “When you’re tasting anything, the first taste acclimates the pallet, the second establishes a foundation, and […]