TV Shows | 6.16.2017

HIMYM- Season 5, Ep 6 – Home Tamarask and Thira Teal Mugs

HIMYM  | Season 5, Ep 6

In yet another effort to shield his children from an adult-themed story, Ted fondly recants this episode of How I Met Your Mother, referring to the very active, very noisy sounds coming from the new upstairs neighbors as, “bagpiping.” Throughout the episode, Ted and the crew are complaining about the constant “bagpiping,” yelling upstairs, “shut […]

TV Shows | 5.18.2017

This Is Us – Threshold Elemental Ocean

This Is Us  | Season 1, Ep 15 - Jack Pearson's Son

Kevin’s relationship with his brother Randall has never been close. Kevin was always gregarious, popular, and laissez faire. While Randall was a meticulous perfectionist with over achieving tendencies, and seemingly favored by his mom. Growing up, Kevin was both jealous and dismissive of Randall, while Randall longed to just be noticed by Kevin. In this scene, […]

TV Shows | 10.7.2016

Pretty Little Liars- Season 1, Episode 4- Home’s Thira Teal

Pretty Little Liars  | Season 1, Episode 4

A show shrouded in mystery, unexpected turns, and of course, lies, Pretty Little Liars follows the story of four friends actively piecing together the murder mystery of their best friend, Alison (played by Sasha Pieterse). To add a creepy, “back from the dead” sort of vibe, each friend is visited by little clues they believe to […]