TV Shows | 3.20.2017

Fresh Off the Boat – Season 3, Ep 15 – Mikasa Garden Harvest

Fresh Off the Boat  | Season 3, Episode 15 - Living While Eddie

This post should probably be called the eating crow post, but for now, it will remain Fresh Off the Boat – Season 3, Ep 15 – Mikasa Garden Harvest.

In the previous post about Fresh Off the Boat, it was pointed out that the set designers were using modern dishes instead of what would be considered classic 1990s patterns. Well, in the very next episode, the show used one of these aforementioned classic 1990s patterns – Mikasa Garden Harvest.

In this episode, Evan makes a startling discovery. The thing that his mother told him was a drying rack is actually a dishwasher! He learns this while having lunch at his friend Zack’s house. Evan offers to help Zack’s mom with the dishes (Garden Harvest by Mikasa), and she shrugs him off saying she will just put them in the machine.

Evan confronts his mother about the dishwasher that they have never used. Jessica says that dishwashers are wasteful, make you soft, plus they are hard on the dishware. She goes on to say that Chinese people respect their nice plates, that is why they are called china.

Of course, we all know that it is called china because China (the country) is where the first porcelain was produced. While the rest of the world was still using earthenware, the Chinese has perfected the delicate art of porcelain using locally sourced clay.