TV Shows | 3.21.2017

Black-ish – Season 3, Ep 14 – Better Homes and Gardens Embossed Scroll Mug

Black-ish  | Season 3, Episode 14 - The Name Game

Rainbow and Andre are expecting their fifth (FIFTH!!) child. And, as is somehow now tradition in America, they are planning the Gender Reveal Party.

The day after ordering the cake, Rainbow is sitting in the kitchen looking rather smug. She tells Dre that she had “the baby dream” last night – a dream that she has had with all of her previous pregnancies that has revealed the gender of the child to her. Rainbow tells Dre that the dream tells her it is going to be a girl!! While Rainbow is kvelling about another girl, Dre looks decidedly dejected (while drinking from a Better Homes and Gardens Embossed Scroll mug). Is he sad because Rainbow gets to name the baby? Or because he really wanted another boy? Or maybe a little bit of both…..