TV Shows | 5.16.2019

Big Bang Theory – Target American Simplicity Zinnia

The Big Bang Theory  | Season 11, Episode 21

Tonight, we say goodbye to The Big Bang Theory — the much loved sitcom that, for the past twelve years, has followed the unlikely friendship of a group of socially awkward geniuses.  For many of us, it is the end of an era as we watched our friends, Sheldon, Amy, Leonard, Penny, Howard, Bernadette, Raj, and Stuart navigate life through failures and successes, relationships and marriages, births and deaths.  Tonight we will say goodbye, but The Big Bang Theory will live on through syndication for many years to come.

In “The Comet Polarization” (11×21), Sheldon is dismayed at the sudden popularity of his favorite comic book shop.  As he works through his own issues with change (as well as a surprise visit from author Neil Gaiman), Howard surprises Bernadette with dinner for two to make up for their missed date night.  Stuart is working late, the kids are in bed, and now it is time for a romantic dinner for two.  However, we know what happens to the best laid plans… Stuart unexpectedly barges in and invites himself to dinner, his new employee at the comic book shop having covered his shift.  Howard quickly remedies the situation by utilizing Stuart as babysitter and whisking Bernadette away for a night out.

Although dinner at home is abandoned, we must pay compliment to Howard’s beautifully laid table using Target’s American Simplicity Zinnia stoneware.