TV Shows | 1.10.2017

American Housewife- Season 1, Episode 4- Sango Chromatics Brown Mug

American Housewife  | Season 1, Episode 4

There is always a spectacle to be seen (and heard) within the chaotic Otto household, and this specific scene is no different.

While Katy and Angela (played by Broadway star Carly Hughes), discuss “Fat Lives Matter” and whether or not Katy can sue the city of Westport for not carrying her clothing size, Doris (played by comedian Ali Wong), rummages through the Otto family fridge looking for expired food to take home. On her fridge hunt, she notices the meat drawer is filled with the infamous Westport green juices. Knowing Katy would never house such evil in her home, she asks who they belong to. Without missing a beat, Taylor walks in and (after a long winded explanation), explains that she will be going on a juice fast with her soccer team.

Mortified and disgusted by her daughter’s continuous desire to be a skinny, yoga-obsessed, green juice-guzzling, Westport monster, Katy implodes. She yells at Taylor, “Put down the juice and pick up an ice cream sandwich!” She then steps onto her proverbial soap box and delivers a speech, “better than Churchill!” empowering her daughters to, “Be proud of your own body, and never ever care what anybody else thinks. Don’t give into the vanity of this town, and you my lovely daughters, will always be perfect.” After miming a mic drop, Katy proudly struts off to tell her husband of the powerful soliloquy delivered.

While Katy tells Taylor that she will force feed her an entire sleeve of Oreos if she doesn’t put down the juice, Doris and Angela sit back, like an audience observing the gladiator games. While enjoying the show, Angela is sipping from a Sango Chromatics Mug. The Chromatics pattern features dark brown, cream, and tan colored glazes, blending together over beautifully designed lines, creating an earthy look.

The Sango Chromatics Mug can also be seen in Episode 5, sitting on the dining table as Greg and Taylor study.