TV Shows | 1.10.2017

American Housewife- Season 1, Episode 4- Sango Chromatics Brown Mug

American Housewife  | Season 1, Episode 4

There is always a spectacle to be seen (and heard) within the chaotic Otto household, and this specific scene is no different. While Katy and Angela (played by Broadway star Carly Hughes), discuss “Fat Lives Matter” and whether or not Katy can sue the city of Westport for not carrying her clothing size, Doris (played […]

TV Shows | 8.6.2016

The Mindy Project- Season 3- Episodes 10 and 17- Sango Roma Sage

The Mindy Project  | Season 3, Episodes 10 and 17

If the definitions of “masculine” and “man” had a photo next to each entry, Danny Castellano would be pictured. A minimalistic, thoughtful, and deliberate individual with austere, monk-like qualities, it is only natural that Danny would possess dishes that seem to mirror his zen-like personality. The Sango Roma Sage stoneware features rustic, earthen qualities of […]

TV Shows | 3.20.2016

Cougar Town Season 1, Episode 2 – Sango Nova Black

Cougar Town  | Season 1, Episode 2 - Into the Great Wide Open

Over early morning coffee Bobby, Ellie, and Andy all share crazy stories about their 20’s. Then they turn to Jules, who realizes that she has no crazy 20’s stories, because she had Travis at age 22. This leads to Jules trying to re-create her 20’s with Laurie for the rest of the episode, with mixed […]