Table Settings | 3.6.2017

St. Patrick’s Day Table Setting

March 17th, a day many Americans know as the day to drink copious amounts of beer and receive a pinching if we don’t wear green. The day Americans who don’t have a drop of Irish blood wear shirts that state, “Kiss Me I’m Irish!” However many are unaware as to why we actually celebrate St. […]

TV Shows | 2.16.2017

Friends-Season 2, Episode 16- Mikasa Charisma Black and Corelle Spice of Life

Friends  | Season 2, Episode 16

Introducing your new boyfriend to your family can be a difficult, sensitive endeavor in and of itself. However introducing your new boyfriend who just so happens to be your dad’s best friend could be a potential disaster. For Richard (Tom Selleck, the only man who looks amazing with a mustache) and Monica (Courteney Cox), the […]

TV Shows | 2.12.2017

How I Met Your Mother-Season 2, Episode 22-Mikasa Park Lane

How I Met Your Mother  | Season 2, Episode 22

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day then with one of our favorite TV weddings?! The big day has (finally) come for Marshall and Lily. After celebrating two weddings (one in private and one for the guests), Marshall and Lily are hungry and ready to sit down to eat their expensive dinner. However, as per usual […]

Table Settings | 2.6.2017

Valentine’s Day Table Setting: Romantic Table for Two

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Why spend money on an expensive dinner when you can make your honey a homemade meal served on dinnerware worthy of St. Valentine himself? Dress up your everyday dinnerware with simple, yet festive, accents to create the ideal romantic dinner for two. Subtle red and gold trimming, bold napkins, hand […]

Table Settings | 1.30.2017

Valentine’s Day Table Setting: Down With Love

We’ve all been there. Everyone around you is anxiously discussing their lavish plans for Valentine’s Day: making expensive dinner reservations, planning a romantic get-away, cooking intimate romantic dinners for two, planting a cheesy engagement ring in a ramekin of crème brûlée… But what about those of us who spend most Friday nights cuddling on the […]

TV Shows | 1.26.2017

The Big Bang Theory – Season 10, Ep 12 – Mikasa Garden Harvest

The Big Bang Theory  | Season 10, Ep 2 (The Holiday Summation) - Mikasa Garden Harvest

In this episode, the gang is meeting up to share stories about their holidays. Sheldon and Amy have returned from a trip to Texas to visit his mother Mary (played by the brilliant Laurie Metcalf).  Though Sheldon loves his mother, his home state is not his favorite place to be – as Sheldon says  “The […]

Table Settings | 1.23.2017

Valentine’s Day Table Setting: Dinner Party

Who says Valentine’s Day has to be a couple’s affair? Host a Valentine’s Day dinner party with this delightful table setting! The perfect blend of pinks, whites, and reds creates a festive, fun ambience sure to be enjoyed by all. Make a new Valentine’s Day tradition and invite your favorite double date duo! This table […]

TV Shows | 12.14.2016

How I Met Your Mother- Season 2, Episode 11- Mikasa Garden Harvest

Season 2, Episode 11

Hilarity knows no bounds in this Christmas episode of How I Met Your Mother, adequately entitled, “How Lily Stole Christmas.” The Christmas season has descended upon Ted and the gang. Marshall is beside himself as he awaits Lily’s infamous decorating of the apartment, fondly referred to as the “winter wonderland”, while he studies in the library. […]