TV Shows | 6.16.2017

HIMYM- Season 5, Ep 6 – Home Tamarask and Thira Teal Mugs

HIMYM  | Season 5, Ep 6

In yet another effort to shield his children from an adult-themed story, Ted fondly recants this episode of How I Met Your Mother, referring to the very active, very noisy sounds coming from the new upstairs neighbors as, “bagpiping.” Throughout the episode, Ted and the crew are complaining about the constant “bagpiping,” yelling upstairs, “shut […]

TV Shows | 1.20.2017

Blue Bloods-Season 1, Episode 18-Home (Target) American Simplicity Villa

Blue Bloods  | Season 1, Episode 17

American Simplicity Villa does double duty on Blue Bloods. The pattern is featured both at Frank’s house, as well as at Danny and Linda’s house. At Frank’s the American Simplicity Salad Bowl can often be found on the kitchen counter, filled with fruit. In Season 1, Episode 17- Linda calls Danny while he is on […]

TV Shows | 10.20.2016

Baby Daddy- Season 1, Episode 4- Home (Target) Zinnia

Baby Daddy  | Season 1, Episode 4

Trying to get over her crush on Ben the Baby Daddy, (played by the charming and disarmingly adorable Jean-Luc Bilodeau) Reilly (Fat Pants) decides to go out with her fellow law school student, Jack. However, it is impossible to move on from her crush when the guy you are trying to get over decides to show […]

TV Shows | 10.7.2016

Pretty Little Liars- Season 1, Episode 4- Home’s Thira Teal

Pretty Little Liars  | Season 1, Episode 4

A show shrouded in mystery, unexpected turns, and of course, lies, Pretty Little Liars follows the story of four friends actively piecing together the murder mystery of their best friend, Alison (played by Sasha Pieterse). To add a creepy, “back from the dead” sort of vibe, each friend is visited by little clues they believe to […]

TV Shows | 3.6.2016

Blue Bloods- Season 6, Episode 11- Home American Simplicity Villa

Blue Bloods  | Season 6, Episode 11

In this scene of Blue Bloods, we see Jack Reagan setting the table for a family dinner at Danny and Linda Reagan’s house. Even with the continuous pressures and drama of being a New York City cop, the Reagan family still finds time to enjoy one another, enjoying the warmth of family. This warm, pleasant […]

TV Shows | 2.22.2016

Mom – Season 3, Episode 4- Home American Simplicity Villa

Mom  | Season 3, Episode 4

The show Mom uses a wide variety of dishware. The patterns are usually bright, colorful, and mismatched. Featured in this episode is a mug in the very popular American Simplicity Villa pattern by Home. Home is one of Target’s in house brands. American Simplicity comes in 20 varieties, and is a favorite with set designers […]

TV Shows | 1.23.2016

Parenthood- Season 6, Episode 9- Home American Simplicity Floral

Parenthood  | Season 6, Episode 9

A warm yet sad scene is depicted between Julia Braverman-Graham (played by actress Erika Christensen) and her mother Camille Braverman (played by actress Bonnie Bedelia) as they discuss the unfair, hurtful experiences of Julia’s separation from husband Joel Graham (played by actor Sam Jaeger). In this scene, Camille and Julia are relaxing comfortably with a […]