TV Shows | 2.13.2017

Blue Bloods- My Funny Valentine-Le Creuset Blue Rectangular Baker

Blue Bloods  | Season 1, Episode 14

In this episode, My Funny Valentine, Danny is trying to find a teenager who possibly arranged her own kidnapping. Meanwhile the rest of the Reagan family are coping with the emotional fallout of a Valentine‘s Day without someone special.As the family gathers for dinner, Linda comments on how delicious the food smells. The boys ask what it […]

TV Shows | 1.20.2017

Blue Bloods-Season 1, Episode 18-Home (Target) American Simplicity Villa

Blue Bloods  | Season 1, Episode 17

American Simplicity Villa does double duty on Blue Bloods. The pattern is featured both at Frank’s house, as well as at Danny and Linda’s house. At Frank’s the American Simplicity Salad Bowl can often be found on the kitchen counter, filled with fruit. In Season 1, Episode 17- Linda calls Danny while he is on […]

TV Shows | 1.6.2017

Blue Bloods-Season 1, Ep 17 – Haviland Symphonie Gold

Blue Bloods  | Season 1, Episode 17

As Frank recovers from being shot, the entire city is sending the Commissioner well wishes – in the form of flowers and many delicious treats – pastrami from Carnegie; cheesecake from Junior’s, salami from Faicco’s. In this scene, the family enjoys cheesecake from Junior’s. Junior’s is a New York institution, making it’s stamp on the […]

TV Shows | 11.2.2016

Blue Bloods- Season 2, Episode 8- Spode Woodland

Blue Bloods  | Season 2, Episode 8

This Thanksgiving episode features a platter that Henry Reagan says is a gift to the family from Eleanor Roosevelt. Linda corrects him saying it was a gift to a family in Yonkers from Eleanor Roosevelt and that Henry picked it up at a yard sale. Maybe I should start shopping at yard sales in Yonkers […]

TV Shows | 3.6.2016

Blue Bloods- Season 6, Episode 11- Home American Simplicity Villa

Blue Bloods  | Season 6, Episode 11

In this scene of Blue Bloods, we see Jack Reagan setting the table for a family dinner at Danny and Linda Reagan’s house. Even with the continuous pressures and drama of being a New York City cop, the Reagan family still finds time to enjoy one another, enjoying the warmth of family. This warm, pleasant […]