TV Shows | 11.23.2016

A Very Gilmore Thanksgiving- Season 6, Episode 10-Home (Target) Red Cherries Canister

Gilmore Girls  | Season 6, Episode 10

It is Thanksgiving Day, and in her “Rory way”, Rory is completing her list of “to do’s” before she can relax and enjoy her holiday. One of those “to do’s” is to speak with her best friend, Paris, and inform her that she has decided to return to Yale.

While on the phone, Rory informs her friend that she is returning to school to which Paris snaps back with her quick wit, “Of course you’re coming back. What are you going to do without a degree, drive a forklift?”

During this comical back and forth, we notice a Home (Target) Red Cherries Canister seated on the shelf near the sink. The discontinued Red Cherries pattern features brightly colored, red cherries attached to their green stems against a white glaze. The canister is trimmed in the same cherry red on both the top and bottom of the dish.