TV Shows | 11.24.2016

A Very Gilmore Thanksgiving- Season 6, Episode 10- Royal Doulton Yorktown Cream Soup Bowls

Gilmore Girls  | Season 6, Episode 10

In celebration of Rory’s return home, Lorelai and Rory romp around Stars Hollow visiting their favorite spots. After eating their traditional breakfast feast at Luke’s Diner, the happy pair head over to the Dragonfly Inn where they surprise Sooki, causing her to go into hyperventilation, into cooking a second feast in honor of Rory’s return.
While putting down even more food, Lorelai and Rory discuss the reason for Rory’s estranged father’s phone call. During their discussion, we notice the elegant Royal Doulton Yorktown Cream Soup Bowls seated behind Lorelai in the china cupboard. This traditional pattern, perfect for the shabby chic feel of the Dragonfly Inn, features a blue grapevine entangled against a white background glaze against stirling-shaped dinnerware.