TV Shows | 11.22.2016

A Very Gilmore Thanksgiving- Season 6, Episode 10- Fiesta Yellow Stove Top Salt Shaker

Gilmore Girls  | Season 6, Episode 10

It is Thanksgiving Eve and Lane’s band, Hep Alien, is preparing to play a showcase for a very interested record label!

In this scene, Zack, Lane’s boyfriend and lead singer/guitarist of Hep Alien, is playing a new song for band mate, and real-life musical icon, Sebastian Bach. After he finishes playing Bach provides a convoluted, intricate compliment that causes slight confusion, “Yeah, it’s got a nice Fountains of Wayne meets The Shins crossed with “Odyssey”-Era Zombies, and a mix of early Who and mid-to late- era Replacements vibe to it.”

Zack is convinced playing songs with girl names as the title will get him air time on the radio. After hearing “Rebecca”, “Stella”, and “Lorraine” practiced on repeat, Lane begins to question why Zack couldn’t ever use her name as a song title. Brushing it off, Zack replies that her name rhymes with too many “mainstream” ideas such as “pain” and “rain” and arrogantly states that she isn’t a writer so she wouldn’t understand.

During this comical yet frustrating scene, we see a vintage Fiesta Yellow Stove Top Salt Shaker seated on the counter behind Lane. The Stove Top Salt Shaker is made of vitrified china and is covered with a nonporous glaze that defends against food stains and odors, making this your most durable, long lasting kitchen item yet! If Hep Alien considers this item “groovy” enough for their kitchen, then you should too!