TV Shows | 11.21.2016

A Very Gilmore Thanksgiving- Season 6, Episode 10- Churchill Pink Peony and Black Peony

Gilmore Girls  | Season 6, Episode 10

The Thanksgiving holiday has descended upon Stars Hollow and the Gilmore Girls couldn’t be happier. Rory has decided to return to Yale, Lorelai and Luke are happy and in love, and a Thanksgiving feast at the Dragonfly Inn is about to take place!
In celebration of Rory’s return, Lorelai and Rory romp around Stars Hollow visiting their favorite spots. First stop, Luke’s Diner for a dramatic, multi-plated breakfast. Second stop, an equally large lunch at the Dragonfly Inn, created by the over excited, hyperventilating Sooki.
During their second feast, Lorelai breaks the news to Rory that her dad, Chris, has re-surfaced and called to tell Lorelai exciting news. In the Gimore Girls way, the two go back and forth, quickly surmising what this “good news” could possibly be. Lorelai suggests that his three year old daughter, Gigi, has become a musical prodigy and Chris would like to invite Lorelai and Rory to witness her premier at Carnegie Hall, to which Rory responds, “Freakishly talented three year old flugelhorn player prodigy discovered!” They decide Lorelai has to return his call and meet with him in person to discover what the positive news is.
During their discussion, we notice the table is set with Churchill’s Pink and Black Peony patterns. A company with over 220 years of ceramic production and design experience, Churchill only provides quality, durable china. The Pink Peony pattern features a spray of pink peonies attached to stems and leaves against a white glaze. The Black Peony pattern is identical however with black peonies rather than pink.
This pattern is also seen later in the episode, during the much anticipated Thanksgiving feast at the Dragonfly Inn!