Celebrities, TV Shows | 6.2.2024

Amy Schumer Learns to Cook – Episode 1 – Villeroy & Boch Switch 3 Mug

Amy Schumer Learns to Cook  | Season 1, Episode 1

In honor of Amy Schumer’s birthday yesterday, we are doing a week of throwback posts to her pandemic cooking show, Amy Schumer Learns to Cook. In Episode 1, Amy and her husband, chef Chef Chris Fischer are making breakfast. Breakfast includes latkes, poached eggs, a shaved fennel and celery salad, smoked salmon, and homemade applesauce […]

Celebrities | 3.7.2017

The High Priestess of Soul: Nina Simone

Nina Simone once said, “There’s no excuse for the young people not knowing who the heroes and heroines are or were.” To make sure there is no excuse for ignorance, we’re dedicating our first celebrity post to one of our personal heroines and “High Priestess of Soul”, the glorious Nina Simone. The unequivocal talent and […]

TV Shows | 11.9.2016

Friends- Season 5, Episode 8- Villeroy & Boch Switch 5

Friends  | Season 5, Episode 8

As the Friends sit among the detritus of Monica’s wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, everyone is full to the point of bursting. Without the energy to move – even to lift the TV remote, the group starts sharing the things for which they are thankful. For Joey, it is fall breezes that blow up women’s skirts and […]

TV Shows | 11.7.2016

Felicity- Season 4, Episode 8- Villeroy & Boch French Garden Fleurence

Felicity  | Season 4, Episode 8

Happy Thanksgiving from the classic 90’s teenage angst show, Felicity. Featured as the “100 Best TV Shows of All-Time” by Time magazine,  Felicity features the dramatic, romantic, and confusing college years of Felicity (played by the gorgeous Keri Russell) as she chases her high school crush Ben, (played by hunky Scott Speedman) across the country to attend the University […]

TV Shows | 10.13.2016

Smallville- Season 3, Episode 21- Villeroy & Boch Twist Alea

Smallville  | Season 3, Episode 21

Before there was Superman, there was Clark Kent. A humble (and extremely good looking) farm kid trying to lead a normal life in a rural, small town. However, “normal” is a bit difficult to obtain when you come from an entirely different planet. Clark (played by the “boy next door” hunk, Tom Welling) must consistently hide […]

TV Shows | 8.17.2016

Chuck- Season 2- Episode 8- Villeroy & Boch New Wave Caffe

Chuck  | 

A sort of James Bond, in looks and intelligence, Chuck, (played by Zachary Levi) is the most useful weapon to the C.I.A. as he has top secret information downloaded into his brain regarding all of the United States’ secrets and plans. This of course makes him a high priority target for terrorists and other ill-intended […]