TV Shows | 2.16.2017

Friends-Season 2, Episode 16- Mikasa Charisma Black and Corelle Spice of Life

Friends  | Season 2, Episode 16

Introducing your new boyfriend to your family can be a difficult, sensitive endeavor in and of itself. However introducing your new boyfriend who just so happens to be your dad’s best friend could be a potential disaster.

For Richard (Tom Selleck, the only man who looks amazing with a mustache) and Monica (Courteney Cox), the “perfect time” to bring up their relationship to the Gellers continues to be thwarted. Mr. and Mrs. Geller know Richard has a “twinkie in the city” without knowing it is in fact their daughter. Mrs. Gellar states unknowingly, “I just never would have pictured Richard with a bimbo.”

Throughout this comedy of errors, we notice Mikasa Charisma Black dinnerware sitting in the cabinet behind the anxious Richard and Monica. The Charisma Black pattern features a striking black band around the outer rim, decorated by blooming white flowers and trimmed in gold.

A bit more inconspicuous, seated in the upper right shelf, is a collection of Corelle’s famous Spice of Life pattern. Manufactured in the early 70s, the Spice of Life pattern features a spray of vegetables and spices, accented in those 70s colors of tan, green, and orange. You can find more Spice of Life here!