TV Shows | 2.16.2017

Friends-Season 2, Episode 16- Mikasa Charisma Black and Corelle Spice of Life

Friends  | Season 2, Episode 16

Introducing your new boyfriend to your family can be a difficult, sensitive endeavor in and of itself. However introducing your new boyfriend who just so happens to be your dad’s best friend could be a potential disaster. For Richard (Tom Selleck, the only man who looks amazing with a mustache) and Monica (Courteney Cox), the […]

TV Shows | 2.10.2017

Bones-Season 10, Episode 10 – Pottery Barn Cambria Turquoise

Bones  | Season 10, Episode 10

While Christine and her imaginary friend Buddy have a tea party, Bones is sitting at the kitchen counter eating breakfast and enjoying a cup of coffee using Pottery Barn Cambria Turquoise tableware. While Booth laments Buddy’s voracious appetite for imaginary cake, Bones says Christine’s relationship with Buddy is no different than Booth’s relationship with God. Bones […]