TV Shows | 2.12.2017

How I Met Your Mother-Season 2, Episode 22-Mikasa Park Lane

How I Met Your Mother  | Season 2, Episode 22

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day then with one of our favorite TV weddings?! The big day has (finally) come for Marshall and Lily. After celebrating two weddings (one in private and one for the guests), Marshall and Lily are hungry and ready to sit down to eat their expensive dinner. However, as per usual […]

TV Shows | 10.15.2016

How I Met Your Mother- Season 1, Episode 5- Pyrex Autumn Harvest Bowl

How I Met Your Mother  | Season 1, Episode 5

Realizing that it is time to “grow up” and start hosting more classy parties, Lily (played by the lovable Alyson Hannigan) and Marshall (played by the equally lovable, and goofy, Jason Segel) decide to throw a wine tasting party with their new, “adult”, and boring friends. As the party waits for the wine tannins to […]