TV Shows | 10.15.2016

How I Met Your Mother- Season 1, Episode 5- Pyrex Autumn Harvest Bowl

How I Met Your Mother  | Season 1, Episode 5

Realizing that it is time to “grow up” and start hosting more classy parties, Lily (played by the lovable Alyson Hannigan) and Marshall (played by the equally lovable, and goofy, Jason Segel) decide to throw a wine tasting party with their new, “adult”, and boring friends. As the party waits for the wine tannins to “mellow”, Marshall’s ducks into the kitchen to escape the monotony and tells Lily, “They’re watching Claire’s ultra sound video and I swear to God even the baby looks bored!”

As Lily explains to Marshall that, “It is time to grow up”, we see a Pyrex Autumn Harvest bowl seated on the metal stand. Created in 1979, the Autumn Harvest pattern features a bushel of wheat stalks designed against a retro orange-rust background, a perfect era piece for the already vintage, old-timey feel Marshall and Ted (played by Josh Radnor) have created for their apartment.