TV Shows | 10.14.2016

The Grinder- Season 1, Ep 15 – Ralph Lauren Mandarin Blue

The Grinder  | Season 1, Episode 15

As the family sits down for family dinner, they begin to discuss the events of the day. Dean Sr. is being sued for malpractice, Dean is extolling the virtues of his “take the wheel” philosophy from his therapist, and Debbie is trying to win a bet with her son Ethan. The bet is that Stewart will bring up the fact that Debbie quit her job without discussing it with Stewart first. As Ethan prods his Dad with questions, Debbie starts to realize that maybe quitting wasn’t the best decision. But the end of the meal, her demeanor has shifted from enthusiastic to pensive.

In the hutch behind Debbie, we can see a mix of blue and white chinoiserie style dishes, including the elegant Ralph Lauren Mandarin Blue canisters and pitcher.