TV Shows | 11.4.2016

How I Met Your Mother- Season 1- Episode 9- Royal Doulton Vintage Orchard

How I Met Your Mother  | Season 1, Episode 9

Thanksgiving 2005 doesn’t go quite as planned for any of the HIMYM gang. Lily and Marshall head to St. Cloud for an Eriksen family Thanksgiving. Lily finds out that Marshall wants to move home when they have kids, which he thinks is still years away. Little does he know that Lily is five days late and is already starting to panic (especially when she sees how big Eriksen babies are). As the Eriksens gather around the Thanksgiving table (with Royal Doulton Vintage Orchard Dinner Plates), Lily’s panic gets the best of her and she runs out of the house, and eventually ends up in jail. Meanwhile, Robin, Ted, and Barney get kicked out of a homeless shelter and end up having Thanksgiving dinner at a strip club. One interesting this about this episode however, is that we learn that “The Mother” is named Tracy.