TV Shows | 11.5.2016

Cougar Town- Season 1, Episode 9- Puebla Blue by Anfora

Cougar Town  | Season 1, Episode 9

It is Thanksgiving and drama strikes in Cougar Town. In this holiday episode, Jules brings together all the people in her life at one table. Travis is ready to take it all the way with his girlfriend and commit to n adult relationship. Bobby and Grayson realize that the person they both really want deep down is […]

TV Shows | 3.20.2016

Cougar Town Season 1, Episode 2 – Sango Nova Black

Cougar Town  | Season 1, Episode 2 - Into the Great Wide Open

Over early morning coffee Bobby, Ellie, and Andy all share crazy stories about their 20’s. Then they turn to Jules, who realizes that she has no crazy 20’s stories, because she had Travis at age 22. This leads to Jules trying to re-create her 20’s with Laurie for the rest of the episode, with mixed […]