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The Odd Couple – Season 3, Ep 9 – Threshold Barnet Bronze

The Odd Couple  | Season 3, Episode 9 - My Best Friend's Girl

In this Episode, Emily thinks she has finally gotten her big break. A buyer from Macy’s was at one of her tables, and ordered 100 of Emily’s handmade beaded necklaces for a big event the coming weekend. (The necklaces are HIDEOUS, so the necklaces must be some sort of gag gift, but that is neither here nor there.)

Because each necklace has to be strung in a specific order, by hand, Emily enlists the help of  Dani, Teddy, Oscar, and Murph in order to get the order completed in time. In exchange for their help, Emily offers free beer and all the onion rings they can eat – to which Teddy replies “That’s a lot of onion rings”.

While working on the necklaces, the crew watches the Japanese Gameshow that Murph hosted called Tokyo Funtime. The game show involves lizards, and women dressed like lizards. On the work tables, onion rings are piled high. Teddy has a bowl all to himself, and the bowl is the Barnet Bronze pattern by Threshold.

Of course, Emily realizes the flaw in her plan. Unlimited onion rings means unlimited greasy hands all over her necklaces. She makes the onion rings disappear, then the beer, which makes her helping crew disappear.

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