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Friends – Season 4, Ep 13 – Denby Metz

Friends  | Season 4, Episodes 13, 14, 15, 16

In this episode, Rachel is disappointed because Bloomingdale’s eliminated her department. While she didn’t lose her job, she did get transferred to personal shopping. At first, she views this as a big step down from her previous position.

She has convinced herself to quit, that is, until she meets her new client Joshua. She comes home declaring that she has the best job in the world saying “the most adorable guy came over today and I got to dress him up all day.”

After a few days of working with Joshua, Rachel can’t understand why he still hasn’t asked her out. Phoebe encourages Rachel to ask Joshua out instead of waiting for him to make the first move. Joey agrees, saying it is such a turn on for a woman to do the asking. As Rachel ponders her options, we can see Denby Metz Gatsby mugs hanging in the kitchen shelves. When she decides to give Joshua a call to ask him out, Denby Metz Salt and Pepper shakers, as well as an open sugar bowl, are also on the shelves.


Denby Metz was produced from 1996-2004 and is a heavy stoneware – perfect for this 1990’s bachelor pad. The Denby Metz dishes can be seen throughout the time that Joey and Chandler live in Monica’s apartment along with the Victoria & Beale Accents pattern written about here. Other pieces used include mixing bowls, large salad serving bowl, and canister.

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