TV Shows | 3.31.2017

Friends- Season 4 – Victoria & Beale Accent

Friends  | Season 4

For a few episodes during Season 4, Monica and Rachel lost their apartment to Chandler and Joey. This happened during a hilarious trivia game that Ross put together. Rachel loses the game when she can’t give the name of Chandler’s profession (no Rachel, Chandler is not a transponster – but we thank you for adding a word to workplaces everywhere –

The stress of living in the tiny apartment pushes Monica to the edge. The breaking point arrives when Joey wanders over scrounging for food, as he always has. She tells him no while taking a turkey leg out of his hand, telling Joey that since he and Chandler have the big apartment, they now have to supply the food and be the hosts.

Surprisingly, this is a role that Chandler and Joey embrace, and we find out that they actually own dishes! They have a set of Victoria & Beale Accent dishes. The plates are seen in several memorable scenes – including Joey’s attempt at making (and tossing) pancakes; the painfully pathetic surprise party that Rachel throws to lure in Joshua;  Phoebe giving up her vegetarian ways because the babies want meat; and of course, when Joey and Chandler end up with unlimited free porn!

The use of these plates comes to an end when the apartments switch back. We go back to seeing Monica and Rachel’s Villeroy & Boch set (read more about that set here!)