TV Shows | 4.1.2017

Modern Family- Season 4, Episode 1- Fiesta Yellow (Older) Creamer

Modern Family  | Season 4, Episode 1

Cam and Mitchell have an elephant in the room…literally. To celebrate Cam and Mitchell adopting a baby, their friend Pepper decided to gift them with an awkwardly large stuffed elephant. According to Mitchell, “Gay guys having kids is relatively new so our community has not yet learned how to modulate baby gifts.”

They decided to donate the gift to a local thrift store, however are rejected because it “…might have bed bugs.” Cam huffs out of the thrift store and announces to Mitchell, “I was so offended I almost didn’t buy this Fiestaware creamer. Two bucks. Didn’t know what the had.” He hands Mitchell a beautiful Fiesta Yellow creamer in mint condition to which Mitchell responds, “SCORE!!”

Fiestaware is synonymous with Cam and Mitchell: colorful, bold, loud, and extremely lovable.