TV Shows | 11.9.2016

Friends- Season 5, Episode 8- Villeroy & Boch Switch 5

Friends  | Season 5, Episode 8

As the Friends sit among the detritus of Monica’s wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, everyone is full to the point of bursting. Without the energy to move – even to lift the TV remote, the group starts sharing the things for which they are thankful. For Joey, it is fall breezes that blow up women’s skirts and the resulting thongs. Dessert is spread out on the coffee table, with 2 patterns of Villeroy & Boch Switch 5 – Tropical and Simla. These patterns are part of the Switch 5 mix and match line. The large (breakfast) cups and saucers, sugar bowl, and creamer are Tropical and the plates are Simla.


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