TV Shows | 9.28.2017

Will and Grace (1998) – Season 1, Ep 1 – Lindt-Stymeist Linen and Sand

Will and Grace  | Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot

The reboot of Will and Grace is an iconic delight for us 90s fans. We can all remember the first time Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen danced into our lives. The year was 1998. Nuclear tests were being conducted by India and Pakistan. Bill Clinton was enmeshed in the Lewinsky scandal. Gay marriage was not legal. Hearts went […]

Celebrities | 3.7.2017

The High Priestess of Soul: Nina Simone

Nina Simone once said, “There’s no excuse for the young people not knowing who the heroes and heroines are or were.” To make sure there is no excuse for ignorance, we’re dedicating our first celebrity post to one of our personal heroines and “High Priestess of Soul”, the glorious Nina Simone. The unequivocal talent and […]

TV Shows | 2.2.2017

The Big Bang Theory – Season 10, Ep 12 – Franciscan Desert Rose

The Big Bang Theory  | Season 10, Ep 2 (The Holiday Summation) - Franciscan Desert Rose

In this scene, Amy and Mary debate who should go in to calm Sheldon down while enjoying cups of tea. Amy says that she will go; but Mary says she was the one to anger him, so she should be the one to go in. Of course, neither of them end up going because, at […]

TV Shows | 1.29.2017

Alpha House – Season 1, Ep 1 – Grace’s Teaware Birds Peacock Blue Sugar Bowl

Alpha House  | Season 1, Episode 1

Ah, breakfast in the Alpha House. A time for coffee, newspapers, and complaining about your housemate’s racist dog. On the counter, we can see a Grace’s Teaware Birds Peacock Blue sugar bowl, but this isn’t used for sugar. It is used for storing the never ending supply of American flag pins that are a staple […]

TV Shows | 1.28.2017

Modern Family- Season 8, Episode 4- Pottery Barn Cambria and Russel Wright Steubenville American Modern

Modern Family  | Season 8, Episode 4

Just another average morning in the Dunphy household: Claire needs her coffee, Alex is working vigorously on homework, and Phil has decided to don bright red lipstick and heavy eyeliner worthy of Marilyn Manson. “Just a little color to make my eyes pop…like yours are now” he assures his wide-eyed, fearful family as he prepares […]

TV Shows | 1.6.2017

Blue Bloods-Season 1, Ep 17 – Haviland Symphonie Gold

Blue Bloods  | Season 1, Episode 17

As Frank recovers from being shot, the entire city is sending the Commissioner well wishes – in the form of flowers and many delicious treats – pastrami from Carnegie; cheesecake from Junior’s, salami from Faicco’s. In this scene, the family enjoys cheesecake from Junior’s. Junior’s is a New York institution, making it’s stamp on the […]

TV Shows | 12.7.2016

Gilmore Girls- Season 2, Episode 17- Lenox Butler’s Pantry

Gilmore Girls  | Season 2, Episode 17

Emily’s DAR (Daughters of the American Republic) meeting is going to be held at the Independence Inn and she is making sure everything is obsessively perfect, by tasting eight different soup three times each. She tells a horrified Lorelai, “When you’re tasting anything, the first taste acclimates the pallet, the second establishes a foundation, and […]