TV Shows | 2.2.2017

The Big Bang Theory – Season 10, Ep 12 – Franciscan Desert Rose

The Big Bang Theory  | Season 10, Ep 2 (The Holiday Summation) - Franciscan Desert Rose

In this scene, Amy and Mary debate who should go in to calm Sheldon down while enjoying cups of tea. Amy says that she will go; but Mary says she was the one to anger him, so she should be the one to go in. Of course, neither of them end up going because, at […]

TV Shows | 11.9.2016

Friends- Season 5, Episode 8- Villeroy & Boch Switch 5

Friends  | Season 5, Episode 8

As the Friends sit among the detritus of Monica’s wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, everyone is full to the point of bursting. Without the energy to move – even to lift the TV remote, the group starts sharing the things for which they are thankful. For Joey, it is fall breezes that blow up women’s skirts and […]

TV Shows | 4.6.2016

NCIS Season 13, Episode 12 – Homer Laughlin Fiesta Fiestaware Turquoise and Yellow

NCIS NCIS New Orleans  | Season 13, Episode 12 - Sister Cities

In this fantastic crossover episode with NCIS New Orleans, Agent Pride is reunited with a Russian operative while trying to find the whereabouts of Abby’s brother, Luca (played by Tyler Ritter). In a gentlemanly gesture, Pride offers a cup of tea, served in Homer Laughlin Fiesta Turquoise cup and saucer set. We can also glimpse […]

TV Shows | 2.15.2016

Royal Pains- Season 7, Episode 7- Wedgwood Renaissance Gold

Royal Pains  | Season 7, Episode 7

In Season 7 of Royal Pains, Divya is bombarded with suitors. These include Crown Prince Quami Obua (played by the royally crushable Wolé Parks). Prince Quami oozes style, class, and enjoys the finer things in life. So, of course, his portable tea service is nothing less than perfection. The set featured is Wedgwood Renaissance Gold. […]