TV Shows | 6.7.2017

Friends – Season 4, Ep 13 – Denby Metz

Friends  | Season 4, Episodes 13, 14, 15, 16

In this episode, Rachel is disappointed because Bloomingdale’s eliminated her department. While she didn’t lose her job, she did get transferred to personal shopping. At first, she views this as a big step down from her previous position. She has convinced herself to quit, that is, until she meets her new client Joshua. She comes […]

TV Shows | 4.28.2016

Mom – Season 3, Episode 15 – Prairie Adobe Red by Interiors

Mom  | Season 3, Episode 15

As Christy and Bonnie delight in the relationship strife of Baxter and Candace, as relayed by Roscoe, we see an interesting set of salt and pepper shakers. The set can be seen in previous episodes, but they are readily visible here. In keeping with the mix and match dinnerware of the Plunketts, this salt and […]