TV Shows | 5.18.2017

This Is Us – Threshold Elemental Ocean

This Is Us  | Season 1, Ep 15 - Jack Pearson's Son

Kevin’s relationship with his brother Randall has never been close. Kevin was always gregarious, popular, and laissez faire. While Randall was a meticulous perfectionist with over achieving tendencies, and seemingly favored by his mom. Growing up, Kevin was both jealous and dismissive of Randall, while Randall longed to just be noticed by Kevin.

In this scene, Kevin is preparing for the opening night of his first play. A play that could make or break, his career as a serious actor. A play that he personally financed. A play that has the reviewer from the New York Times sitting in the audience.

While sitting in his dressing room, Kevin receives a call from Randall.

Randall can’t make it to opening night, leaving Kevin feeling incredulous and forgotten. Then, he recognizes the Randall warning signs – clipped words, nonsensical statements, long pauses – Randall is having a panic attack, an impediment he has had since childhood. When the pressure to be all-things to all-people becomes too great, Randall’s body shuts down – even to the point of blindness.

So in that moment, Kevin has a choice: his career or his brother. And this time, possibly for the first time, Kevin chooses Randall, running the theater to take care of his brother.

Throughout this tense scene, a Threshold Elemental Ocean mug is sitting on the dressing table.

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