TV Shows | 5.10.2017

Mother’s Week – The Mindy Project – Tabletops Unlimited Cherry Blossom

The Mindy Project  | Season 3, Episode 8 - Diary of a Mad Indian Woman

Sure, Rhea Perlman may be playing every stereotype of an Italian-American, over-bearing, Staten Island mother, but she does it with such aplomb, that we barely notice the clichés.

In this episode, Danny has been reading from Mindy’s diary. He finds out that after seven months of dating, Mindy expects Danny to propose. Moreover, if he doesn’t propose by Christmas, she is going to cut her losses and move on. However, Danny finds this ridiculous.

Danny shares his thoughts with his mother, Annette, while fixing the kitchen sink at her home. This light and bright kitchen is filled with a hodge-podge of kitchenware – including the Tabletops Unlimited Cherry Blossom napkin holder on the center of the table.

Predictably, Annette tells Danny to dump Mindy. No so predictable is her reasoning, which is rather compassionate toward Mindy. Annette’s voice gets low and serious as she says; “You don’t string along a girl her age. If you know you’re not going to propose, you gotta end it.”

The napkin holder can be seen on the kitchen table throughout Season 3.

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