TV Shows | 5.9.2017

Mother’s Week – American Housewife – Season 1, Ep 17 – Konitz Dots and Stripes Mugs

American Housewife  | Season 1, Episode 17

These bold and bright mugs can be seen in the Otto household throughout Season 1, but make multiple appearances in Episode 17. Dare we say that the mugs mirror Katie’s personality? Bright, fun, and loud.

In Episode 17, American Housewife Katie Otto is trying to help husband Greg be better at disciplining the kids, who she feels walk all over him. Meanwhile Katie is also counseling her neighbor Viv (Two Fitbits) to stand up to her husband about her purchases.

While Katie and Viv role play potential conversations between Viv and her husband Allen, Katie is sipping from the Konitz Dots Green mug.

Later in the episode, Katie is making lunch for Anna-Kat, Oliver, and Taylor. She gives Greg more suggestions on how to get the kids to behave. A Konitz Dots Blue mug is sitting on the counter.

All of Katie’s advice seems to be taking shape, that is, until Viv shows up and says she is moving in. Allen didn’t like being stood up to, so Viv moved out……and moved in with the Ottos.

As the episode moves on, the mugs can be seen again as Greg and Katie discuss what to do about Viv.

One thing is for sure….being a full time mom, wife, and tough-loving friend takes a lot of coffee!!!

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