TV Shows | 12.7.2016

Gilmore Girls- Season 2, Episode 17- Lenox Butler’s Pantry

Gilmore Girls  | Season 2, Episode 17

Emily’s DAR (Daughters of the American Republic) meeting is going to be held at the Independence Inn and she is making sure everything is obsessively perfect, by tasting eight different soup three times each. She tells a horrified Lorelai, “When you’re tasting anything, the first taste acclimates the pallet, the second establishes a foundation, and the third is to make your decision.” In Gilmore fashion, Lorelai doesn’t miss a beat and mutters, “Taste them yes, not to orally deduce their chemical structures…”

The true stars of this comedic scene are the exquisite Lenox Butler’s Pantry bowls used as the vessels for each of Emily’s soup tastings. Originally designed as sugar bowls, the Gilmore Girls set designers present the creative versatility of these multipurpose dishes; possible uses include soup bowls, ice cream bowls, candy dishes, sugar bowls, dip bowls, etc.

The Butler’s Pantry pattern features an antiqued, French countryside charm with cream on white glazes, embossed silhouettes, and a sturdy, earthenware design.