TV Shows | 11.3.2017

This is Us – Season 2, Episodes 1 and 4 – Pfaltzgraff Rio

This Is Us  | Season 2, Episodes 1, 4

This is Us is an instant TV classic, with millions of fans tuning in each week to see the Pearsons at varying stages of their lives.

We see the triplets as infants, as 10 year olds, as teenagers, as twenty-somethings, and as thirty-somethings. In present day (2017), the triplets turn 37. This puts their birth year as 1980.

In a show that jumps between decades, anachronisms are bound to happen. In Season 2, we see a blatant anachronism with continued use of Pfaltzgraff’s Rio pattern while the triplets are 10 years old. We see Rio in the Season 1 opener, as well as in Episode 4 when the family is suffering equally from chicken pox and a surprise visit from Rebecca’s mom.

Rio is a very popular pattern that features rings of blue, gray, and cream. The pattern was so popular, that Pfaltzgraff spun off several similar patterns, including Key Largo and Latte. However, the Rio pattern wasn’t released until 1998. The use of this is surprising because the pattern is still in production and very popular today. This cool, modern pattern seems quite out of place in a kitchen full of hold over 1980s décor.


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