TV Shows | 11.2.2017

Friendsgiving-Franciscan Apple

Friends  | Season 5, Episode 8

Oh the holiday season, a time to lose your toe, lose your dignity, and possibly lose that hair do? The most memorable Thanksgiving episode in TV history, according to us at Moshi, goes to “The One with all the Thanksgivings.”

Filled with fashion faux pas and pre-nose jobs, this episode is composed with a series of memorable Thanksgiving flashbacks; the Chandler-Monica relationship evolving from a very overweight Monica to a very vengeful Monica, the constant Ross-Rachel infatuation, and the ever present sibling rivalry between Ross and Monica.

Throughout the 80’s and 90’s flashbacks, one characteristic remains constant: dinnerware! The Geller family uses the vintage Franciscan Apple dinnerware pattern as the tablescape to all their Thanksgivings. This pattern was created in 1940 featuring hand painted, embossed apples and branches, an homage to the California apple orchards.