TV Shows | 11.3.2017

Thanksgiving with King of Queens- Franciscan Apple

King of Queens  | Season 3, Episode 8

This episode flashes the viewers back to the first time that Doug and Carrie said I love you, Thanksgiving Day 1993. Arthur, his second wife Lily, and Carrie are preparing Thanksgiving dinner in a fabulous set of Franciscan Apple Dishes. This American classic pattern is perfect for Thanksgiving because it offers so many fantastic serving pieces, which the family is putting to great use. In this episode we see no fewer than 7 pieces including a relish dish, rectangular baker, cake plate, round covered vegetable bowls, divided vegetable bowl, square baker, and dinner plates.

As the preparations continue, Lily chides Arthur about cleaning up his boat brochures. This rather innocuous comment leads to a battle royale between Arthur and Lily. Which, in turn causes Arthur to lock himself in the bathroom; Carrie to run out of the house in a huff; and Doug to have a rather stilted Thanksgiving dinner for two with Lily.