TV Shows | 2.18.2016

The Grinder Season 1 Episode 5 – Franciscan Desert Rose

The Grinder  | Season 1, Episode 5

Whenever a set designer wants to indicate that a family is salt of the earth American, Franciscan is the go-to manufacturer. In this episode, Dean (Rob Lowe) has created a faux family with his high school sweetheart, Kelly Summers. The sweetheart is played by Christina Applegate. Dean’s picturesque family is shattered when he realizes that […]

TV Shows | 2.15.2016

Royal Pains- Season 7, Episode 7- Wedgwood Renaissance Gold

Royal Pains  | Season 7, Episode 7

In Season 7 of Royal Pains, Divya is bombarded with suitors. These include Crown Prince Quami Obua (played by the royally crushable Wolé Parks). Prince Quami oozes style, class, and enjoys the finer things in life. So, of course, his portable tea service is nothing less than perfection. The set featured is Wedgwood Renaissance Gold. […]

TV Shows | 2.15.2016

NCIS – Season 12, Episode 3-Lenox Eternal Gold

NCIS  | Season 12, Episode 3

This episode sees Ducky and Bishop heading to London to interview Ducky’s estranged friend. The tea is served in Lenox Eternal Gold – a classic, elegant pattern of timeless ivory-toned bone china with generous gold banding. However, with so many fantastic British china houses – Royal Doulton, Wedgwood, Royal Worcester, Spode, Portmeirion, Royal Albert, to name […]

TV Shows | 2.1.2016

Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23- Season 2, Episodes 6, 10, and 12- Lenox Butterfly Meadow

Don't Trust the B  | Season 2, Episode 12

The quirky, chaotic relationship between Chloe and June is captured in these specific scenes, featuring the beautiful Butterfly Meadow pattern from Lenox. June’s naive, innocent self can be paralleled with the soft innocence of this delightful pattern. In the first scene, we see the two roommates energetically engaged in a TV show. Amidst the laundry […]

TV Shows | 1.23.2016

Parenthood- Season 6, Episode 9- Home American Simplicity Floral

Parenthood  | Season 6, Episode 9

A warm yet sad scene is depicted between Julia Braverman-Graham (played by actress Erika Christensen) and her mother Camille Braverman (played by actress Bonnie Bedelia) as they discuss the unfair, hurtful experiences of Julia’s separation from husband Joel Graham (played by actor Sam Jaeger). In this scene, Camille and Julia are relaxing comfortably with a […]

TV Shows | 1.17.2016

Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23- Season 2, Episode 2-Pyrex Autumn Harvest

Don't Trust the B  | Season 2, Episode 2

It is Halloween and June and Chloe are discussing their ghoulish plans for the day. While they ruminate in the kitchen we see a fitting piece for the spooky, harvest season! The Pyrex Autumn Harvest bowl is situated next to the kitchen sink. In the first scene, we see the dish drying on the towel […]