TV Shows | 4.22.2016

Fuller House- Season 1, Episode 1- Pyrex Butterprint Turquoise

Fuller House  | Season 1, Episode 1

TGIF! The opening episode of Fuller House brings the same energy and humor that is encompassed in the classic, original show, Full House. Uncle Jesse is still slinging jokes and DJ is still needing the advice of her loving family.

To match the upbeat and continuous animation of the show we see colorful, funky dishes placed around the Tanner’s kitchen. In the center of the hectic table, we see Uncle Jesse eating fresh fruit out of the vibrant Pyrex Butterprint Turquoise bowl. The bowl features a white farm scene design against an eye-catching, turquoise color. Whether it is used to hold Uncle Jesse’s fruit or your favorite hot dip, the Pyrext Butterprint Turquoise bowl is the perfect addition to any dining experience, just ask the Tanners!