TV Shows | 5.6.2016

Fuller House- Season 1, Episodes 1 and 4 – Fiesta Sunflower Yellow Pitcher

Fuller House  | Season 1, Episodes 1 and 4

TGIF! Another colorful day in the Tanner house, and this time we’re seeing yellow. As usual, Kimmy Gibbler is flaunting her funky style with large yellow earrings and a groovy necklace to match.

To compliment her comedic, loud self, we see an equally trendy Fiesta Sunflower Yellow Pitcher seated on the shelf in the window. It is only typical that a Fiesta piece should be a part of the eccentric Tanner family’s kitchen as it features the classic, art deco lines and bold 100% lead free color glaze. The coupe, oval shape of this pitcher is not only unique, but easy to fill, carry, pour, and place for any dining occasion.

Take advice from Kimmy and add a splash of yellow into your kitchen!