TV Shows | 11.14.2016

Gossip Girl- Season 1, Episode 9- Le Creuset Yellow Mixing Bowl

Gossip Girl  | Season 1, Episode 9

This Gossip Girl Thanksgiving is a special one as it is the first Thanksgiving we get to be a part of with all our favorite Upper East Side folks. This episode is a series of flashbacks to a happier Thanksgiving. A Thanksgiving before drama, cheating, lies, and divorce made life more difficult and more unbearable […]

TV Shows | 7.7.2016

The Nanny – Season 1, Episode 3 – McCoy Pink & Blue Stripes Mixing Bowl

The Nanny  | Season 1, Episode 3; Season 1, Episode 4; Season 1, Episode 7; Season 1, Episode 9

This McCoy Pink & Blue Stripes Mixing Bowl is the hardest working member of the Sheffield household. Whether it is sitting on a shelf in the living room, holding fruit in the butler’s pantry, serving popcorn to the family, or being used for baking cookies in the kitchen, this bowl seems to be the family […]

TV Shows | 4.29.2016

Fuller House- Season 1- Episodes 1 and 2- Pyrex Primary Colors Yellow Mixing Bowl

Fuller House  | Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2

TGIF! Wrapped with love and support from her sister, Stephanie Tanner, and best friend, Kimmy Gibbler, DJ Tanner is ready to tackle life as a single, recently widowed mom. This particular kitchen scene is infused with the same Full House humor that had us all laughing as kids. As the three ladies prep themselves in […]

TV Shows | 2.25.2016

Gilmore Girls – Season 1, Episode 9 – Pfaltzgraff Folk Art

Gilmore Girls  | Season 1, Episode 9; Season 1, Episode

Lorelai has an eclectic mix of pottery in her kitchen, but her go-to dishes are Pfaltzgraff Folk Art. The dinner plates are seen when Emily is serving Lorelai the incredibly unappetizing mashed bananas on toast, as well as when Lorelai serves up some wholesome Pop Tarts to Chilton’s elite. The pattern continues to show up […]