TV Shows | 11.3.2017

Thanksgiving with King of Queens- Franciscan Apple

King of Queens  | Season 3, Episode 8

This episode flashes the viewers back to the first time that Doug and Carrie said I love you, Thanksgiving Day 1993. Arthur, his second wife Lily, and Carrie are preparing Thanksgiving dinner in a fabulous set of Franciscan Apple Dishes. This American classic pattern is perfect for Thanksgiving because it offers so many fantastic serving […]

TV Shows | 2.13.2017

Blue Bloods- My Funny Valentine-Le Creuset Blue Rectangular Baker

Blue Bloods  | Season 1, Episode 14

In this episode, My Funny Valentine, Danny is trying to find a teenager who possibly arranged her own kidnapping. Meanwhile the rest of the Reagan family are coping with the emotional fallout of a Valentine‘s Day without someone special.As the family gathers for dinner, Linda comments on how delicious the food smells. The boys ask what it […]