TV Shows | 7.28.2016

The Nanny- Season 1- Episodes 1 and 6- Portmeirion Pomona Coffee Pot

The Nanny  | Season 1, Episodes 1 and 6

Fran, “The Nanny”, is still new to the polished, well-to-do appearances of the Sheffield household. As she begins her new life, Fran is continuously figuring out the kinks of functioning in a loving yet overwhelming environment. In these two episodes, as Mr. Sheffield and Fran speak with Brighton, we notice a refined and elegant pattern […]

TV Shows | 4.15.2016

Fuller House – Season 1, Episode 1 – Metlox Poppytrail California Provincial

Fuller House  | Season 1, Episode 1 - Our Very First Show, Again

TGIF everyone! In honor of everyone’s favorite childhood TV night (ABC’s TGIF, of course), posts about the Full House relaunch Fuller House will be posted on Fridays. The premiere episode is chock full of dish patterns as we are re-acquainted with the whole cast of the original Full House (with two major, identical exceptions). The […]

TV Shows | 3.13.2016

Sex and the City – Season 4, Episode 14 – Constance Green by Bernardaud

Sex and the City  | Season 4, Episode 14 - All That Glitters

Charlotte’s dream of being in House & Garden is coming true, just as her marriage to Trey is coming to an end. In this scene, Charlotte and Trey pose for the photographs with their wedding china – Constance Green by Bernardaud. As Gordon (played by the adorable Chris Payne Gilbert) from H&G says “This is perfect. Very […]