TV Shows | 5.30.2019

The Good Place – Le Creuset Zen Kettle Green

The Good Place  | Season 1, Episode 5 - Category 55 Emergency Doomsday Crisis

Renewed for a fourth season, “The Good Place” is a humorous romp through the after-life of Eleanor Shellstrop who met her untimely end when hit by a shopping cart.  Apparently, a mistake has been made as Eleanor, a rude and nasty person in life, does not meet the ethical requirements for admittance to the Good […]

TV Shows | 2.11.2017

This Is Us-Season 1, Episode 2- Le Creuset White Kettle

This Is Us  | Season 1, Episode 2

Unlike his parents, Jack and Rebecca, Randall Pearson loves the refined and sophisticated aspects of life; he drives a Mercedes, wears expensive suits, and lives in an affluent, upscale neighborhood. Randall and Beth Pearson’s love for the finer things in life carries over into their own home. Every item has a specific purpose and adds to […]

TV Shows | 2.9.2017

Grace and Frankie-Season 2, Episode 13-Le Creuset Kettle

Grace and Frankie  | Season 2, Episode 13

There is never a dull moment when it comes to Grace and Frankie; from finding out their husbands are lovers to drinking peyote and playing native instruments on a beach. And this scene is no different! As Grace casually walks into the kitchen, Frankie exclaims, “”I am in a creative fury like never before. I […]