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Sex and the City – Season 4, Episode 7 – Pyrex Gooseberry Pink

Sex and the City  | Season 4, Episode 7

Happy 20th Anniversary to Sex and the City!

This iconic show changed how TV looked at women, relationships, and sex.

In this Episode, Carrie is worried that Aiden is pulling away from her due to a message from Mr. Big on her answering machine. Aiden is gruff and dismissive of Carrie, and is pulling away from her in bed. Carrie confronts Aiden in the kitchen after he has a meltdown about spoiled milk.

Aiden explains that his foul mood is caused he has a weekend worth of furniture work to do, but the fumes are unhealthy for his dog. Carrie offers to care for Pete while Aiden works. This seems to placate Aiden, but only momentarily. When talk turns to evening plans, Aiden’s aloof behavior returns.

Though Carrie famously stores shoes in her oven, her cabinets are full of dishes. In this scene, we can see a Pyrex Gooseberry Pink Cinderella Mixing bowl on the second shelf on the left.



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