TV Shows | 4.20.2018

Weeds Week – Anfora Puebla Blue

Weeds  | Season 5, Episodes 10

Finishing up Weeds Week is the Puebla Blue pattern by Anfora. Esteban’s sprawling home is a mix of Mexican hacienda and Tuscan villa. Beautiful tilework, warm colors, and elegant archways grace the house.

To complement the style of the home, Esteban has Anfora’s Puebla Blue pattern. This is an excellent choice for the character of Esteban. The pattern is refined, but also has a masculine quality. The Puebla Blue pattern has been in production since the 1940’s, which emphasizes Esteban’s pride in his culture and heritage.

In this scene, we see Nancy and Estaban dining alfresco, with Shane floating semi-quietly in the pool behind them. Nancy and Esteban try to convince Silas to travel Europe so he will be safe, but Silas refuses. He wants to move in with Esteban so he can be close to his brothers. He doesn’t believe that Nancy can protect them, and he wants to be there for them.

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