TV Shows | 4.19.2018

Weeds Week – Pier 1 Vallarta

Weeds  | Season 7, Episodes 13

The bold, eye-catching nature of Pier 1’s Vallarta pattern makes it a favorite among set designers. This pattern has been seen on shows including The Ranch, One Day at a Time, Rules of Engagement, and yes Season 5 of Weeds.

Despite only being produced for 2 years, Pier 1 Vallarta continues to make an impression in pop culture.

In Season 7, Episode 13, Jill comes to New York to blackmail Nancy. Silas, in a fit of pique, has gone to Jill and told her everything. Jill is now using this information to convince Nancy to sign over custody of Stevie. Nancy refuses to sign the papers, and Jill follows Nancy around for the day. Even after a day together, the sisters can’t agree on who is a better mother for Stevie.

Andy steps in, and sits Jill down. He asks Jill what would REALLY make her happy. Turns out, a family compound in Connecticut is the answer. So the whole family moves to Connecticut to start (another) new life together. As Nancy puts it “The spirit of compromise. Everyone is a little happy, everyone is a little miserable”.

While they share a meal outside, we see a large Pier 1 Vallarta salad serving bowl in the center of the table.


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