TV Shows | 4.18.2018

Weeds Week – Pfaltzgraff Folk Art

Weeds  | Season 1, Episodes 3-4

In Season 1, Episode 3; Doug shows Nancy the “Whole Foods of Pot” – a boutique cannabis shop. She learns that what she has been selling is skank weed, and customers for skank week are drying up.

Nancy demands that Heylia sell her the designer brands – the serious shit. But having the designer pot isn’t enough. Nancy has to give the people what they want….edibles. Conrad talks Nancy through the process of making edibles – while he eats cereal out of a Pfaltzgraff Folk Art bowl. The recipes Conrad shares include Heylia’s prized cornbread recipe.

In Season 1, Episode 4; Nancy is still working to earn back the keys to her Range Rover. Judah’s brother, Andy shows up, further disrupting Nancy’s already disrupted life. Nancy escapes the mayhem at her house by heading to Heylia’s. It is early, and Heylia is serving oatmeal in Pfaltzgraff Folk Art bowls. The breakfast table is set with Folk Art plates and sugar bowl. We learn that Andy and Conrad worked, and got fired, together at Circuit City.


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