Table Settings | 1.23.2017

Valentine’s Day Table Setting: Dinner Party

Who says Valentine’s Day has to be a couple’s affair? Host a Valentine’s Day dinner party with this delightful table setting! The perfect blend of pinks, whites, and reds creates a festive, fun ambience sure to be enjoyed by all. Make a new Valentine’s Day tradition and invite your favorite double date duo! This table […]

TV Shows | 1.11.2017

Grace and Frankie- Season 1, Episode 1- Lenox Bouvier

Grace and Frankie  | Season 1, Episode 1

Named after one of America’s most elegant First Ladies,  this china carries the unrivaled style, class, and unflappability characteristic of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis née Bouvier.  Jane Fonda’s character, Grace, comports herself similarly in this fabulous Netflix Dramedy. In the first episode, Grace’s husband comes out of the closet and declares his love for his long […]

TV Shows | 12.14.2016

How I Met Your Mother- Season 2, Episode 11- Mikasa Garden Harvest

Season 2, Episode 11

Hilarity knows no bounds in this Christmas episode of How I Met Your Mother, adequately entitled, “How Lily Stole Christmas.” The Christmas season has descended upon Ted and the gang. Marshall is beside himself as he awaits Lily’s infamous decorating of the apartment, fondly referred to as the “winter wonderland”, while he studies in the library. […]

TV Shows | 6.22.2016

Last Man Standing – Season 1 – Home (Target) American Simplicity Floral

Last Man Standing  | Season 1, Episodes 1-24; Season 2, Episodes 1-24

The Baxter home is spacious, but warm and inviting. Decorating the large kitchen is a variety of American Simplicity Floral dishes made by Home. They keep a large salad serving bowl above the fridge, use a cereal bowl on the kitchen table for sweeteners, and the rest of the pieces are displayed in a rustic […]