TV Shows | 1.25.2017

This Is Us- Season 1, Episode 2- Johnson Brothers Vintage Charm

This Is Us  | Season 1, Episode 2

Randall’s biological father, William, is starting to settle in warmly with his new family. Sitting at the breakfast table with his two young grand daughters, he discusses the concept of “vices”, and how his vice was cocaine in his younger years.

Overhearing this discussion start to turn for the worst, Randall and Beth quickly interrupt the drug related conversation and start to gather the children for school. Beth reminds her youngest daughter that it is time to take her inhaler. After taking her medicine she states to the family, “My vice is asthma, his is cocaine!” and points to William with a big smile.

Throughout this comical scene, Beth is sipping her morning coffee from the gorgeous Vintage Charm pattern from Johnson Brothers. This antique design features blue and green florals sprawling around perched birds and an empty bird cage.

It is no surprise that the classy and stylish Beth would have this delightful pattern in her kitchen cupboards!